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Lyons, Black & Associates is a generalist firm with experience doing searches in many industries, countries and functional areas. Since going into business in 1992 we have done close to two thousand searches around the world. Most of these are in the following sectors:


The energy sector has been a major part of our practice at Lyons, Black & Associates since the firm was created. Since 2000 we have done about 150 searches in the industry, mostly in Alberta but also in the U.S, Europe and the Middle East. Projects include many at the executive level, but also many technical and engineering related positions.


We do large numbers of engineering searches at Lyons, Black & Associates, for consulting engineering firms as well as for industry. In the consulting engineering sector we have done 60 searches since 2000 for firms across Canada.

Expat searches

Expat searches have been another successful area for this firm. We have done about 40 searches for health and educational institutions and oil companies in the Middle East over the last decade, placing senior executives and technical staff from North America in institutions principally in the UAE.


We have done well over 100 searches over the last ten years for 26 financial institutions in Canada and the U.S. Roles range from brokers, account managers and audit staff to senior executives.


Over the last decade we have done 90 searches for governments at the municipal, provincial and federal level in Canada, the U.S. and overseas. Positions include Assistant Deputy Ministers and Chief Administrative Officers, as well as many more junior positions.

Higher Education

We have done 50 recent searches for universities and colleges in Canada and abroad, for positions ranging from supervisors and faculty to senior administrators.

Real Estate / Construction

Over the last ten years we have done about 40 searches for a dozen different firms in the construction industry. These searches have been for roles ranging from Construction Superintendent to President & C.E.O., and have been located across B.C., Alberta and Ontario.


We have done about 150 searches in the retail sector over the last decade. Positions are located across Canada (many of them in the Canada's far north) and range from department and category managers to managing directors.


Since 2000 we have done 80 searches in the technology sector in Canada, the U.S., Europe and Asia. Projects include many at the executive level, but also many technical and business development personnel.

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